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You create the money rules

  Beloved One, There are no limits, no conditions, no rules on how much money you get to make, give, have and receive.   The sky isn't even the limit here.   There are infinite bandwidths of energetic frequencies that contain astronomical amounts of money.   When you tap into these energetic frequencies of higher levels of money it's these energies that come together to create the physical manifestation of that amount of money.   You see, everything in our world is energy, including you and your money.   You get to decide and choose how much money you desire to create and manifest, and it's a simple matter of tuning your energy, your frequency to be a vibrational match to the energetic signature and frequency of the money you desire.   To do this it's about tuning your beliefs and your emotions to what it would be like if you had that amount of money right now.    You embody the FEELINGS of it. The feelings are the frequency.    You affirm as if it was already true by u

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